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In order to meet the ever increasing demand for use of the Tiger
Hollow field, the Tiger Hollow board is proposing to add artificial
turf to the current football practice field that is adjacent to the
current stadium’s turf field. The practice field is used presently by
both the High School and Youth Football programs during the fall
football season. Reseeding the grass field in the spring removes
the use of that field for the rest of year.

The artificial turf would be 120 x 60 yards and lined to support
the same five that the current field supports; football, soccer, girls
and boys lacrosse, and field hockey. The plans also call for the
installation of Musco Lighting allowing for the increase use of the
field. The cost is estimated to be $1,200,000 with construction
starting as soon as school ends with completion targeted by
September 1, 2013.
The additional lighted turf field will immediately help all of the High school and Youth programs that currently
use the one existing lighted turf field. It will also allow for events to be held that would use both fields

We are currently working with several key residents who share and support this vision. The funds will be
raised from donation raised by the Tiger Hollow board adhering to its principle of
For the Community…
By the Community
   With your help we can reach this goal!        

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