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700 North Salem Rd.   |   Ridgefield, CT 06877
Periodically we need students at Tiger Hollow to assist with support
contests and events held at the facility.

To find out if there are any open positions please contact Carl
Charles, Director of Athletics at:

  > Must be available to work evenings/weekends as needed      
           for event support
  > Must be a resident of Ridgefield, CT
  > Must be a high school student, age 17 or over

If you have been hired for a student support position at Tiger Hollow, please download
and complete the forms above.   Completed forms may be submitted as follows:

Email the TH Administrator at:        

Drop off or mail your paperwork to:            Ridgefield Board of Education
                                                                            Attention:Terry Ali
                                                                            70 Prospect Street
                                                                            Ridgefield, CT  06877